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National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation.

This planet will never be a good place for any of it's inhabitants to live in, except if we choose to make it a better place for all of us to live in. Founded in 1987, the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation has worked endlessly towards preserving marine life, and especially focusing it's efforts on species that are seriously at risk of extinction, oceans and waterways. Located in Florida, it's a non-profit corporation committed to helping individuals who put in many hours towards the fight to understand and safeguard the marine environment, and welcomes everyone to learn more about this essential work.

One of their main objectives is teaching the public so as to ensure our future offspring enjoy the same existing ecosystem that we enjoy today. As much as the term "extinction" seems far fetched to some, it is in fact real and it's often irreversible. Imagine how cool it would have been if woolly mammoths still existed!

Providing public awareness of marine environments is most important because safe marine ecosystems are devised when people work together towards preserving endangered species. By providing public awareness on save the turtles foundation, the people will also believe and share their values.

The National Save the Turtles Foundation also supports research on sea turtles, both inland and abroad. Scientists devote many hours trying to come up with better solutions of preserving the brittle ecosystem. Perhaps the most significant danger to that these species is destruction of their natural habitats. Researchers reveal that the most ideal approach is to protect where they shelter, find food and raise their young ones.

Concern for the predicament of sea turtles is increasing and individuals across the globe are trying to protect them. But what can you do?

  1. Minimisation of beach lighting. Sea turtle nesting females and hatchlings use natural moon's lighting for guidance, so leaving beach house lighting and using flashlights disorients these turtles. You should, thus, switch off exterior lighting, shut your blinds, and use a red cellophane on flashlights while strolling on the beach during dark hours.
  2. Avoid disturbing nesting female sea turtles. In the beginning of the nesting process, sea turtles easily get spooked causing them to crawl back to the sea without nesting.
  3. Keep waterways and beaches clean and plastic free. By mistaking plastics for jellyfish - a main source of food - sea turtles can starve or die. Or worse, plastic bags can choke the sea turtles.
  4. Do not light fires on the beach especially on locations with sea turtles. Heat and light emitted from beach fires disorients sea turtles and this can cause them to crawl towards the fire. Any recreational equipment should be removed from the beach at night because sea turtles can get stuck in them.

Most marine species face forthcoming extinction because of human impacts, and sea turtle are not any different. Supporting conservation groups that are actively involved in issues affecting seas turtles, such as National Save the Turtles Foundation, is a huge step towards ensuring the continued existence of sea turtles. Contribute to the saving sea turtles initiative, by joining the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation today.

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