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Choose the Best Surfboard Travel Bag

Once you have found your dream surfboard, it is vital to invest in a good-quality surfboard travel bag in order to ensure maximum protection so that you can enjoy your surfboard for years to come. You do not want a ding on your fresh stick, and as most dings happen during storage or transit, a decent board bag is a great way to prevent that.

Types of Travel Bags

There are a number of travel bags for surfboards available. The following are some of the main types:


Boardsocks offer very little travel protection, which makes them suitable for day trips to the beach when you are transporting your board in your car, for short trips in motorcycle racks, and for storing surfboards one on top of the other. The primary purpose of a boardsocks is to protect your board from dust, scratches, UV light, and wax. It is typically designed from woven, towel-like elastic material. This lightweight option is almost 2mm thick.

Surf Boardsocks

Padded 5mm Bag

A normal everyday board bag typically has a padding of 5mm or less. It has all the features of a full-blown travel bag, except the protective layer is thinner. Lighter and economical, this bag is designed with reflective material on one side in order to reduce heat stress. It is waterproof and has a high-density, closed-cell foam padding that protects your board while ensuring that it doesn’t get too hot. Equipped with comfortable and adjustable straps and extra pockets for wax and fins, these bags are great for a day at the beach.

Padded 10mm Bag

Thick surfboard bags with 10mm padding are best for traveling. They have plenty of padding that keeps your board safe during long-distance air travel. Constructed from durable polyester, these bags are super tough with reinforcement at the nose and reflective tarpaulin on the underside for extra protection. These travel bags are designed with a carry handle, inner and outer pockets for accessories, fin slot, full double zip, and a stowable, padded shoulder strap.

Surf Travel Bag

Things to Consider When Buying a Surfboard Bag

The following are some essential considerations that should be kept in mind when choosing a suitable surfboard bag:


An ideal fit is a bag that quite completely protects and stores your board easily. You do not want a board that is too tight or too small as it will become quite challenging to get it in and out while making it more susceptible to dings. On the other hand, a bag too big will also feel loose while transporting, which is not ideal either.

The best way to find the perfect bag for your board is by taking stock of its measurements, including the length, width, and thickness. The length of your board will determine the size of your bag. This is pretty straightforward as bags are listed by their length, so if you have a 6’7” board, you should get a 6’7” bag.

Sock covers provide better protection to boards that are extra thick or wide. However, they run true to size, which is why it is best to look for a sock that is a bit on the larger side. A sock that is too short can be really cumbersome and annoying, while a sock that is a little big is not. For instance, a 6’4” board can go in a 6’5” sock but will not fit a 6’2” sock well.

Does Your Surfboard Fit into The Bag?

It is important to choose a bag that matches the size of your surfboard. In addition, if your surfboard fins are non-removable and glassed on, you should look for bags that are designed with fin zips. Pay special attention to the width of your board, particularly if you own a longboard. In such a case, it is better to get a bag that is bigger than your biggest surfboard.


The shape of the bag is as important as the size. Various bag manufacturers cut their bags differently, which means that some are narrow while others are wide. Therefore, if the nose of your board is wide, it will not fit into a bag with a pointed tip, so make sure to double-check the nose shape of your bag. Take note of keywords that describe the shape, such as super wide, fish, hybrid, longboard, funboard, shortboard, etc., when choosing a surfboard bag.

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