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Best Surf Ponchos

Things to Consider When Buying A Surf Poncho

Some high-quality surf ponchos are backpacker-friendly and lightweight, while others are designed with added insulation and a waterproof layer to keep users warm. Itís important to remember that no surf poncho is created the same way. However, there are some features that you should consider before purchasing one, such as:


A waterproof surf poncho is an excellent choice as it enables you to wear it in almost every weather condition. However, the waterproofness of a poncho depends on its material, and depending on the type of material you select, it will keep you dry during a downpour.

If youíre an outdoor enthusiast and love going on adventures such as camping, then a waterproof unit can be used to build a shelter similar to a camping tarp as well. If youíre worried about the water, but donít want anything too heavy or bulky, then itís advisable to have a lightweight waterproof poncho and wear it separately over the top.


When choosing the right material, youíll need to think about the things you consider when picking a regular towel. Ask yourself whether the weight and size or the softness of the poncho is more important. Make sure you decide whether you prefer an absorbent material or one that has excellent wearability and softness. If you go for a unit thatís designed with multiple layers like waterproofing, then youíll have to pay more and carry more when itís not in use.

The material will also determine the overall durability of the poncho. Itís advisable to choose a material thatís easy to wash and has quick-drying abilities. Nobody wants a unit that gets tattered or ripped after just one machine-wash. Most surf ponchos are designed with pure cotton and microfiber.

Weight and size

The weight is one of the most important features you should consider. The wetter the poncho, the heavier and more difficult it will be to carry around when itís not in use. If youíre going to the beach, then youíd probably like to have a unit thatís small, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Meanwhile, if youíre expecting a colder temperature, then a thicker poncho will work better at keeping you warm. If youíre a backpacker, then itís advisable to choose a microfiber material thatís packable and lightweight.

Furthermore, since youíll use the surf poncho to change into new clothes, you should choose a unit thatís comfortable and large enough to perform this task. Nothing is more frustrating than changing clothes with a too-small surf poncho. Make sure you check the size and get the correct length when buying a surf poncho, but keep in mind that surf ponchos are supposed to be baggy.

Best Poncho

Best Surf Poncho

Ho Stevie! Thick Microfiber Surf Poncho


  • Designed with 100% cotton for quick drying
  • Absorbs water and can be used as a towel
  • Unisex design is perfect for all

The Thick Microfiber Surf Poncho has made wetsuit changing incredibly easy. Itís always tricky to change in and out of a wetsuit with just a towel wrapped around you. In a single slip of the knot, the towel will become unwrapped, and your body might be exposed to the public. Thatís why Ho Stevie introduced the Microfiber Surf Poncho. The unit gives you privacy, allowing you to easily change clothes in public without worrying about exposing yourself.

Designed with a full hood, this sleeveless robe has low lint, which prevents you from feeling all fuzzy after changing or drying. Its plush microfiber material helps keep you cozy and warm, while its unisex design allows both men and women to wear this surf poncho. Furthermore, wearing the poncho will enable you to dry off quickly after a surfing or swimming session.

The most common problem among surf ponchos is their short length. Thatís why Ho Stevie ensured that their ponchos had extra length by designing them with 47 inches of fabric. Since its founder is a tall guy himself, he made sure that the surf ponchos were long enough to easily fit tall people.


  • Plush microfiber helps keep you warm
  • Long enough to comfortably fit tall people
  • Machine-washable for easy maintenance and care


  • Holes for the arms are a bit small
  • Might easily acquire holes

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